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Merlin in the Defence Market

The massive array of tactical systems fitted to both new and legacy military vehicle platforms has expanded far beyond the level anticipated a few years ago. The trend is accelerating and many vehicles are simply not designed to cope with the additional power burden.

With this in mind, since 2005, Merlin has devoted huge resources to developing power solutions that target and solve four specific key problems:

Silent Watch - Until now, Silent Watch durations have been inadequate and vehicle crews have had no visibility of their remaining power reserves while performing this duty.

Battery Failures - Reports show that 40Kg combat vehicle batteries cost around 2500 each delivered to theatre. Vehicles carry between 2 and 8 batteries. They fail at an alarming rate through being over discharged and inadequately recharged.

Fuel & Maintenance - Due to a lack of electrical power and knowledge of power availability, large diesel engines are idled for hours, just to perform tasks such as charging small dismounted soldier radios on-board. With fuel costing on average around 13 per litre in theatre, this has proved to be a significant, unnecessary drain on defence budgets.

Power Failures - Unexpected losses of electrical power can leave vehicles and crews vulnerable. A wholly unacceptable cost.

On the right hand side of this page, you will find links to products that address each the issues above.

At Merlin, we believe power is often viewed as a sub-system. It should not be.

If the generation, storage and delivery of electrical energy is not carefully managed, investments in complex mission systems are wasted. Simply put, if power is not available at the end of the cables, nothing works.

Please contact us for further details:

Email: david.small@merlinequipment.com

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