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Split Charging

Voltage Sensitive Relays (Standard Duty)

The M-Power VSR is a standard fit across numerous special vehicle and marine fleets. Easy to install, fully automatic in operation and completely self contained (electronics & contactor). 

  • Bi-Directional, zero loss Split Charging
  • Fully automatic operation
  • "Connected" LED indicator
  • Sealed for marine / under hood installations
  • Ignition protected

VSR M-Power

Introduction To Split Charging
M-Power VSR's

Smartbank Lite Split Charging System

SmartBank Lite brings the benefits of a battery combiner at a lower cost than any competitive VSR or inferior battery FET diode / isolator.

  • Battery combiner utilising Industry accepted "Best Practice" for split charging
  • User adjustable connect / disconnect and hold delay set points (preventing relay chatter) 
  • Dual sensing - handles all charges sources present
  • Emergency Parallel & Connected indicator
  • Rated at 125A continuously - 12 & 24V
  • High quality contactor with PowerSave mode
  • Cost effective

Smartbank Lite

Introduction To Split Charging
SmartBank Lite Split Charging System

SmartBank Advanced System

Bridging the gap between SmartBank Lite and PRO (split charging systems); SmartBank Advanced is a combined battery monitor and split charging system (see SmartGauge for full battery monitoring details).

  • Display shows battery information and allows detailed programming of Split Charge parameters
  • User definable alarm and alarm contacts for external alarm / auto generator starting
  • Emergency Parallel and Connected indicators
  • Rated at 200A continuously (12 or 24V)
  • Designed for 2 or 3 battery banks 

SmartBank Advanced

Introduction To Split Charging
SmartBank Advanced System
SmartGauge Battery Monitor

Smartbank PRO Split Charging System

SmartBank PRO is designed to be the most advanced stand alone split charging system available.

  • Manual adjustment of split charge parameters or computer programming with free software
  • Full split charge features for up to three battery banks
  • Sealed and ignition protected contactor
  • Rated at 200A continuously (12 or 24V)
  • 8 programmable inputs / outputs
  • Datalogging functionality

Smartbank PRO

Introduction To Split Charging
SmartBank PRO Split Charging System

Heavy Duty Voltage Sensitive Relays

High quality, heavy duty split charging VSR. Includes "crank disconnect" feature to prevent brown outs to on-board electronics during engine starting.

  • Split Charging for two battery banks
  • 300A continous rating
  • Bi-Stable - only draws power when transitioning between on and off
  • Remote emergency battery parallel
  • Dual sensing


HD Voltage Sensitive Relays
Introduction To Split Charging

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