Merlin’s new TBS range of Extreme Duty Inverters are designed for mission critical applications where people’s lives and livelihoods depend on reliable, safe and efficient electrical power.

With the constant pressure to reduce prices many inverter products have foregone reliability and performance in order to match cost requirements.  This focus on unit price rather than through life cost means that many “leisure” quality products have found their way on to professional applications. Merlin’s TBS range are designed with absolute reliability, performance and effeciency in mind – with the cost of quality engineering being offset by industry leading reliability (how much does it really cost in vehicle downtime and engineer call-out fees to replace low cost, low quality inverters?). 

The range consists of:

  • Pure Sinewave DC-AC Power Inverters 300-3500w
  • 4 Stage Adaptive Battery Chargers 20-150A
  • Combination Inverter/Chargers – 1200-3500w
  • Battery Monitors
  • DC Distribution Components

For product information fol low the link below or call 01202 697979 to speak with us directly.