Designed specifically for use in extreme environments, the ESSENTIAL Lithium Ion Battery is ideal for those whose lives and livelihoods depend on electrical power.

Unlike other Lithium Batteries, ESSENTIAL 2 is:

  • Designed specifically for mobile and specialist vehicle applications
  • Battery is ideal for mobile/dismounted power or, designed for permanent installation
  • Same size as a standard marine/vehicle 31 case battery
  • 1.4kWH, available in 12, 24 or 48V blocks (Equivalent to 110Ah @ 12V)
  • Up to 10 batteries can be installed in parallel to provide larger battery banks
  • Interfaces with standard charging systems
  • 10 year warranty

The real advantage with ESSENTIAL is the Battery Core. The core contains and connects each of the individual cells together. Unlike cheap Chinese designed batteries, each cell is securely held in place with no soldering whatsoever – solder connections not only break after time but can damage the cell during manufacture.

Built in BMS – we do not recommend batteries with an external BMS (Battery Management System) in marine or critical use applications – one break in a communications cable will result in a full shut-down of the electrical system. Instead, each ESSENTIAL battery has an onboard BMS to individually manage each battery – this provides fall-over redundancy in your battery bank.

Merlin Equipment are exclusive integration partner for Aceleron in the UK specialist vehicle and marine business. Please call 01202 697979 to arrange a demonstration and for pricing.

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