Merlin Battery Management Systems combine the features of our SmartBank, PowerGuard & DataCell products. Think of them a bit like an engine ECU – but instead of controlling fuel flow and RPM for an engine, they provide precise and exact control of even the most complex primary electrical system.

Merlin BMS Controllers provide:

  • Remote battery isolation
  • Independently set flat battery protection for each battery bank
  • Manual and automatic shut down and reconnection of battery banks (can be mixed – some can be automatic, some manual – dependent on configuration)
  • Prioritised split charging
  • Emergency Parallel for some/all battery banks for jump starting and cross feeding critical loads from other batteries in the system
  • Minimum of 8x inputs and outputs that can be used to automatically control devices or operations in the system
  • Certain models include DataCell 1 to provide battery state of charge information
  • 8x Inputs and outputs to control/interact with other circuits on board – for example ignition inhibit, over-riding flat battery protection when certain loads operating etc.
  • Expandable input/outputs to provide control for up to hundreds of devices/operations in the system (Powerbank only). Outputs can be configured to be driven from battery condition or separate non-battery management related circuits. This even includes flash patterns for LEDs or lighting.
  • High speed RS422 data stream for programming and datalogging (Powerbank only)
  • MerlinNET network to allow plug and play addition of expansion modules and remote panels (Powerbank only)
  • Optional CANbus output for integration into existing vehicle networks (Powerbank only)
  • Supplied with programming kit, diagnostic and datalogging kit

To fully understand how each of the above features operates, it is worth reading the guides for our SmartBank, PowerGuard and DataCell products:

SmartBank: An Introduction to split charging

PowerGuard: Flat Battery Protection

DataCell: Battery Monitoring Introduction

Merlin offers several Battery Management Systems:

SmartGuard COMBI™: Designed for smaller vehicles where vehicle operators require a SmartBank Split Charging and PowerGuard remote battery isolation/flat battery protection. This unit combines both in a single, compact product. Each PCB carries type approval.

PowerBank™: Provides remote battery switching, flat battery protection, prioritised split charging, jump starting, battery cross feeding, expandable 8x inputs and outputs, RS422 data, MerlinNET, optional CAN and remote panel.

Control for up to 4 battery banks per controller.

PowerBank COMBI™: PowerBank with built in DataCell battery monitoring and supplied with remote panel.